Thursday, September 20, 2012

The big two-three

I never wanted to turn twenty-three. For some reason, it just seems SO much older to me than twenty-two.
But it's not as if I view other people who are twenty-three as old.

But twenty-three year old me? Now that seems very old indeed.

And there was somehow this little part of me that was hoping that this birthday would somehow make up for the lost birthday. The other birthday I was supposed to have as a missionary. In Korea. Because birthdays and holidays are always better when you're a missionary... Of course it didn't.

But not all parts of turning twenty-three were bad...

In fact, here are some snapshots:

Sleeping during my break, instead of studying, because it's my birthday
Brownies from Lauren and Lindsay... I should mention that there were two pans in the beginning 
Stuffed crust, bread sticks, Channing Tatum, and amazingly supportive room mates... 
My Korean room mate is adorable
Birthday flowers to cheer a girl up... Thanks jess! 

Tomorrow I've convinced some friends that it will be fun to visit the Salt Lake City Cemetery... among other things. Let the birthday adventures continue!!! 

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