Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's on my mind: Praises, Provo, Puebloans, & Puccini

1) My doctor said I can get rid of my crutches!!!

Hallelujah! (I type that with all the fervor of  Baptist preacher) 

2) I get to see Provo very very very soon. Things I look forward to there include, but are not limited to:
-the mountains changing color
-the smell of the valley in the fall
-classes (especially from Jensen
-my friends (jung!) 

3) My parents think they've found the man I'm going to marry last weekend. Their reasoning behind his being so very perfect for me: "He would be the type of guy to watch Downton Abbey with you." says my Dad. "He seems like the type of guy who would read Twilight, not because he likes it, but just because he wants to keep up with the times." says my Mom. 
Although their reasoning is flawed, I would marry this guy in about two seconds flat. He really is that perfect. Just so unfortunately out my league, it's like we live on different planets....  After meeting him, they then proceeded to give me tips on how to "hang out" with him again. 

..... as if I don't know how to get myself a date. Hellllooooo parents. I have done this before. 

4) A friend and I recently decided that if the whole "marriage thing" doesn't pan out for us (see item 3), we're going to take up cliff dwelling. I have been fascinated by the ways of the Lakota people lately. Why not take up Puebloan life style of the ancient people of Mesa Verde? There's no good reason not to. 

5) I just finished a book about an Italian immigrant that works in the Met. I miss the opera! Ich vermisse Wien!! I miss the plush red velvet seats! I miss the gorgeous arias. I miss the bows of all the string instruments moving as one; their movements so in unison that it seems like they're a living organism. Let's go back. Ok? 

6) My favorite book I read this summer (and I think i read around 100, no joke) is called The Tiger's Wife. I wish, more than anything, that I could write like that.

7) My doctor spent a good fifteen minutes talking with me about Edward Hopper today. It was almost like being back at BYU. Almost.

There's a reason Pocahontas was always my favorite Disney princess.  

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