Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Last Will and Testament

Owing to the surgery I'm about to undergo next week, I felt the need to write down my last wishes. Although neither signed, nor witnessed, I trust this online document will stand to carry out my last requests.


I want my family to receive all of my personal belongings with the exception of a few items.
My following possessions will be bequeathed as follows:
1) Juliette and Ali, please divide my clothes amongst yourselves. I know of no other people that would cherish them as much as I do.
2) Av, I want you to have all of my Stephanie Meyer books. Please read them yearly over my grave so that we may reminisce of the foibles of youth and laugh over them.
3) Rachel, I have a confession. You know that purse I bought you in Korea? Well, I used it once.... So, upon my death, you can have it back. As well as any valuable art books/essays I own (which aren't a lot, but I think that you should have them anyway).
4) Bushi Chamaenim. Please take my journals. GUARD THEM WITH YOUR LIFE. And enjoy reading them. I think they will provide much entertainment and comfort in the event of my passing from this life.

Now, for my funeral. Brie should be involved. Also, I want this song played while everyone weeps at my untimely end.

I then wish for my body to be donated to science....

Who am I kidding? I'm not that noble. Bury me at Ensign Peak! My one true love! (I'm sure you can get a permit for that somewhere)

Rebekah Westrup


jollyollyoctopus said...

I am surprised and honored to be included in your will. I could not think of a more fitting way to honor your life and our friendship than to revisit the treasured dialogue of a vampire, werewolf, and human girl.

Alison Kae Hatch said...

I am extremely touched. Though now contemplating which I want more: your clothes, or your presence...