Monday, August 15, 2011


I am truly and completely exhausted.
I feel as though I must preface this post by saying that as a sort of explanation for my behavior this morning.

Because really, who does the things I do?

So as you might know, it's homeless time for BYU students. It's that's awful time of year where your contract ends at the complex you have been living in, and your new contract doesn't start for another two weeks.

I don't have a new complex to move into anyway (because of the whole mission thing), so I guess that's all moot point for me.
But the point is, I'm apartment hopping with Jette until Friday, the day after Sean and Cali's wedding.

Being the gracious person that she is, Cali offered Jette and I her apartment, seeing as she's out of town until this evening.

I never sleep very well in new environments. Last night was no exception.

So I woke up this morning in a panic. I meant to get up at 7:00. But I was just too exhausted. So, before I knew it, 7:30 had appeared on my phone! GAH!

Cali's apartment is fairly empty. Jette and I did have the luxury of a blow up mattress. And air conditioning. (that was real nice)
However, Cali and Sean's apartment does not have a shower curtain.

So what did I decide to do in my sleepy stupor?
That's right, I took a shower anyway.

About two minutes into it, I realized that I had made that decision in very very very poor judgement.
And Cali and Sean are on their way back from Colorado right now!
The options play out in my head:
1) wipe it all up with the towel I have. But wait, I can't because I need it for the rest of the week.
2) find paper towels and just use those, even though it would take about five hundred. But wait, they don't have any.
3) wipe it all up with the towel I have. But wait, I thought about that option already.

So there I was, alone, in Cali and Sean's apartment, on the edge of bursting into heaving sobs, or just laughing hysterically. Because there was water all over the floor. And I was in nothing but my bath towel.

And that's when I had the brilliant idea to use the t-shirt I had slept in the night before.

Not so brilliant.

It only made my t-shirt really really wet. The floor showed no progress towards drying.

So, I said to myself, "Ok rebekah, let's just get ready. And maybe it will dry up some." But who was I kidding? IT WAS A LOT OF WATER FOLKS!

And then, as I pulled my hair dryer from my suitcase, I had another brilliant idea.
"Is it possible to blow dry a floor?" I asked myself.
I gingerly laid the device on the edge of the bathroom floor near the carpet so as not to cause an electric shock to my person. And I left to clothe myself. As I came back, I saw that indeed the floor had dried some!
Will the miracles of modern technology never cease!?!
So, it took me a half hour. But I did it. I dried Sean and Cali's bathroom floor with my blow drier. You're welcome guys. It's all nice and clean for you to come back to!

(I don't know if they've registered for one of these yet, but I think this one might be a really nice option.)