Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Validation Part II

One of my professors is currently working on a book about Springville.

To your average Joe, Springville might not seem that exciting. But I'm here to testify to the fact that it is very much exciting.

Springville is Utah's resident art city.

I always chuckled a little at that self-given nick name. An art city? In Utah? And Springville at that?!

I have one name for you:
Cyrus E. Dallin

I had never heard of him either I'll ashamedly admit.

Here's just a few of his works:
Paul Revere, Paul Revere Mall, Boston

Appeal to the Great Spirit, Museum of Fine Art, Boston
Angel Moroni, Salt Lake City Temple, Salt Lake City

So you've heard of him right?

And then there's the guy who's painted the interior of many temples in Utah... Oh, and he served an Art Mission to Paris... Can you say hero?
John Hafen, thy name is genius.
Hollyhocks 1909

So back to the book I mentioned, I've done write-ups on these guys. And my professor really liked them. He said that there wouldn't be much editing on his part, and so straight they will go into the Appendix of the book. The write up I did on Springville's fish hatchery was a bit more of a struggle. I can't say I'm that upset though; fish have never been my forte.

Also, my boss said that I could play around in Indesign with the layout of the book.

Hello dream come true!
Another chance to do something with graphic design!
Be still my heart.

I'm sure a book layout won't be as complicated as the newspaper layout I did in high school. But I'm still excited.

Because I get to work on things that will actually get published.

I love my job. I get to try new things almost every day. I'm good at what I do too. It's the perfect fit really. Can I just do this forever?
Doctorate, here I come.

Pictures of early Springville that I browsed through today.
All credit goes to the George Edward Anderson Collection at BYU.

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