Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things that I miss dearly today.

Today, I miss the ballet. I miss being close enough to the stage to hear the slap of the ballet slippers against the floor.

I miss the opera. I miss the clapping for 10 minutes at the end of every performance. I miss the plushness of the deep red velvety seats. I miss everyone being focused on the music. I miss the notes wafting up to the very top of the building.

I miss the art. I miss standing in front of a real life art piece; of breathing in its creativity and technique. I miss seeing the individual brush strokes; the impasto. I missing seeing paintings hung on a wall in proper light, seeing them the way they were meant to be seen, versus a text book or a large projection on a classroom wall.

I miss the German chattering.

I miss the slow afternoons meandering down Mariahilferstrasse, of reading for pleasure, of moments of quiet solitude in green parks.

In essence, I miss Vienna.

This would all be thanks to my art professor from last semester, who helped me to remember today that I'm not the only one who has love affairs with artists long dead.


Kunsthistoriche Museum

A pond in the Volksgarten

Outside Stefansdom

Opera house interior


Megan said...

I miss Wien too... especially the part of having to open 7 doors to get to our apartment. Just opening one doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment

bekah said...

And most of the time our door isn't even locked! Right now, it's open! It really isn't the same.