Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Man Clothes

I dress like a man.

I've always known for a long time. In high school, I loved borrowing my brothers' comfy clothes. (their sweats were the best)

But it really hit me today as I realized I was walking around in wide legged trousers (I have succumbed to the trend, I couldn't help myself. They were only 10 bucks at Eddie Bauer), and a button down linen shirt.
Totally dressed like a man.

Other examples:
I've worn ties.
Right now, I'm wearing a t-shirt that I bought in the man section at Old Navy.
And I used to match the kid I was dating last summer all the time. I thought it was just because we were dating. But then I saw him at the library right before finals, and we were matching right down to our green sweaters and and black leather banded wrist watches.

I think I've finally found my style.

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