Monday, April 18, 2011

I should be studying.

But sleeping sounded better.

I'm on the verge of an A in most of my classes. That's how I justify not studying. But that's probably why I should study.

Intro to film was on Saturday. Rocked that puppy. But then again, it's only a one hundred level class.

Here's what I still have left to do:

Wednesday 7 am: GER 330 Final. It's open notes. SO I really just need to sit down and come up with essay outlines for all of the questions. Easy peasey.

Wednesday 3 pm: Cleaning check. 'nuff said there right? (oh this is just a by the way, I was reading on someone's facebook, that their mother helped them with their cleaning checks. Ha! Should I really even go into how ridiculous that is?)

Wednesday 5:45 pm: ARTHC 350 final. Not open note, but I have all the questions before hand. So once again. I just need to make notes and memorize 10 paintings for each question. Pretty simple.

Thursday 10 am: ARTHC 340 final due. Open note, to be typed on your computers at home.

Thursday 5 pm: Turn in ENGL 311 final project.

So it all seems pretty simple right? Well, the questions for all these finals are pretty hard I should mention. Just in case you were thinking I was getting off easy.

Also, finals just makes a girl feel like this:

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