Friday, April 8, 2011

All good things must come to an end

I know I'm meant to be a part of the education system in some respect for the rest of my life when I realize how sad I am about the end of a semester.

All my classes this semester have been amazing (with the exception of ENGL 311, which has slowly sucked the life out of my very soul every MWF from 1:00-1:50). All the curriculum of each class has all overlapped so well.

But I'm most especially sad about 19th Century European Art ending...

Good bye my Romantics. I shall miss you...

Goya Saturn Devouring His Son 1819-1823

Caspar David Friedrich The Abbey in the Oakwood 1808-1810

See ya later PRB

John Everett Millias Ophelia 1851-52

And let's not forget my dear dear Impressionists....

Marry Cassat In the Box 1879

But the biggest take home message of the semester: Everyone in history dies of syphilis.

But really (Rachel knows).


Casey Stephens said...

All good things come to an end only so that something better can take it's place.

Kristi said...

I for one won't miss this Saturn dude eating his son. What the hell are they teaching you at this place you call a university??!!?

I'm uncultured, I know.