Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding Dresses

Yesterday dawned gray and stormy. But we were all excited beyond comprehension. The weather couldn't faze us.

Cali is getting married, and we were going wedding dress shopping!!!!!

Both cars decided to say a little prayer sitting in the parking lot of our complex before the festivities got underway. A chord struck within me as Cali prayed in gratitude for eternal marriage and eternal families. What a thing to be thankful for!

Is there anything more beautiful than the promise that I can be with my loved ones forever?

As Cali tried on each dress at the store, we oohed and awed as any faithful entourage would do. In my opinion, she was more beautiful than any bride in the place. She glowed in each and every dress. I think this is because Cali gets what her wedding day will really be all about. And by that I mean she knows her wedding won't be about the dress, the shoes, or the flowers. Though the dress, the shoes, and the flowers are all really fun things to think about. But Cali knows her wedding day will really be about her and Sean making the promise to be together forever.
I am so thankful for a religion that places so much emphasis on the sanctity of marriage. It must be the romantic in me, but I think that the idea of spending eternity with my best friend sounds better than a dream.

"Marriage offers fulfillment all the way through life—in youth and young love, the wedding and on the honeymoon, with the coming of little children and the nurturing of them. Then come the golden years when young ones leave the nest to build one of their own. The cycle then repeats itself, as God has decreed it should."
-President Boyd K. Packer
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Sacramento Temple
(photo via my amazing aunt)

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Lindsey and Jared said...

I love your post! Temple marriage and eternal families is such an incredible blessing and something for which I am very grateful, :) So how do I get a copy of that photo of the temple?? Message me! Heart you