Thursday, March 31, 2011

General Conference

I had an admirable goal this year to study all of the talks from last October's conference right before these upcoming sessions in April....

I don't think I'm quite going to make it.

But, I am listening to the Priesthood session at work. And it's making me more and more excited.

I love General Conference. It's like a spiritual vacation. We all gather together around the tv with food and good company, our notebooks perched on our laps to take notes. Everything gets put on pause, and we get to listen to the wise men and women of our church as they teach eternal truths.

When they speak, I feel as though I've always known the things that they teach deep within my heart and soul, but just never fully realized until they spoke it out loud.

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Casey Stephens said...

I am so excited for conference as well (President Uchtdorf is always a delight to listen to with his accent and the way that he teaches).