Saturday, March 26, 2011


A Young Man at His Window 1875

During the big game on Thursday, I found myself spacing out...

About what dear Rebekah? The size of Jimmer's arms? His charming smile? His mad basketball skills?

Well, yes.

But that was only for a few seconds.

Let me explain to you my train of thought.

"Professor M. is crazy. How can he think that Impressionists don't use black!? Has he never heard of Caillebotte? Caillebotte was genius. Young Man at a Window; fantastic. His spatial barriers and psychological themes are so similar to the female impressionists. That has to mean something. Did he feel trapped the way women did in late 19th century Paris? Social commentary on male relationships.... hmm. I should write a paper on this."

And then I snapped out of it and realized that I was completely engrossed in thinking about impressionism during a basketball game.

More reinforcement that I'm in the correct major? I think yes.

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Rachel said...

hahaha. i was thinking about pollack when i saw this painting too.