Sunday, February 6, 2011

My good man Thursday

This week was full of good days. But Thursday was especially good.

Art History 340 is one reason why my Thursdays are so great. It's one of those classes where the professor just lectures and says all these enlightening things, and you struggle taking notes because your pen can hardly keep up with every brilliant thing she says. I feel like I'm at a University when I'm in that class. Which unfortunately, is not how I've felt in every class I've taken at BYU.

Sometimes I worry that I'm not intelligent to keep up with the rest of the kids here. But not this last Thursday. This last Thursday, I felt like I finally made insightful comments in Art History. And other classmates took notes on what I said! We read this short story. The Unknown Masterpiece. The story isn't all that remarkable in and of itself. But when we talked about it in the context of Romanticism, my mind flew with new ideas. (Spoiler alert!) In the end of the story, the relationship between Poussin and his mistress is destroyed all for the chase of viewing a masterpiece by a great master. The Master Frenhofer's "mistress" is also destroyed in his pursuit for a masterpiece. I liked how they paralleled each other. It may seem an obvious comparison to make, but I don't think anyone else in the class realized it. And it made me feel validated, and like perhaps maybe I can get into grad school.

Later that night, the Art History Council held their opening social. I went with some roomies, and we were able to get free dinner! (Always my favorite)

From dinner, we went to the MOA where a new exhibit on WWII propaganda art was opening. Not only were we able to see great art, but there was a live jazz band, and apple pie! Delicious, and educational. (Tangent: There is a Dorthea Lange exhibit there as well titled: Three Mormon Towns, I just about fainted when I saw it. It's unspeakably good.)

If only Thursdays were every day. *sigh*

Leaving Church, Toquerville, Utah Dorthea Lange

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