Monday, January 24, 2011

This Publishing Business is Tough

I stopped by my professor's office for a chat today and found out our article probably won't be published before May.

I'm bummed out in a way that only fellow academics can understand. (I'll stop being pretentious soon, I promise)

But as a consolation, I got to interview a sister missionary who served in 1961. She's pretty much the bee's knees. I had to move the interview back to this afternoon, because on top of it all, the amazing woman is going through chemo for breast cancer.

This sister was called to the French East Mission in 1961. Her father actually encouraged her to serve, which wasn't very common during that decade, or the following two. But when she did decide to serve, the choice was hers. Sister H. had been answering the questions of some custodians that worked at the school where she was teaching and through those little exchanges, Sister H. knew a mission was right for her. Very soon after, a little boy at her school set her up with his uncle while she went back to Utah for a visit. The man asked her to stay, so they could date, and possible marry. But she told him no. She had a call to fulfill.

On her mission, Sister H. and her companion became one of the first traveling sister companionships. They traveled around to each of the branches and explained the best way to utilize the primary program to bring in new investigators. She also arranged for the first conference of sisters in her mission.

All around, Sister H. is a pretty neat lady. She did talk my ear off for a little while. But it was in the best way that only old ladies know how to do. So I didn't mind at all. (I do get paid for this after all)

It was a pretty long day. But in the end, I have this unreal job where I get to talk to amazing women all day long.

Thanks Sister H! Today's interview was a good one.

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