Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dear Rebekah,

Please don't throw us away...
We know we're old. We know that our left side has a hole in the bottom where rain water leaks through. We know our shoe laces aren't quite sparkly white anymore. We know the rubber on our sides are cracked and worn. We know we're a bit on the snug side, and that your comfy socks don't quite fit anymore. We know we're not as trendy and charitable as TOMS, or as durable as Chacos. But please don't throw us away.

We've been through so much together. Five semesters of college can do a number on a pair of shoes, but we're still here, sticking it out. Not to mention the many many miles we've walked. First back and forth from the MTC. And then to campus, and then all over campus. Remember how faithful we were in Vienna. We've been through palaces and castles together. Cathedrals and Christmas markets. We've backpacked and slept on trains with you. And though we ached as we treaded over cobble stone after cobble stone, we stayed faithful. Ever staying tied and dry. Even in Venice, which is quite the feat mind you. Remeber Budapest and Prague, and the Alps!
Remember EFY? Remember the days of tramping around with tons of teenagers? Remember all of the dancing and all of the fun?
We were there through it all.

So please don't throw us away Rebekah. We may not last the winter together. But we've had so many memories. Surely you can't toss us out now?

Ever faithful,
your shoes

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