Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Things.

Number 1:

For some reason, I am always terrified to meet with my boss about my research. He is always pleased with my work, and he's very nice. I think maybe it's just his title that scares me: Associate Dean. Yikes.

I met with the Associate Dean on Tuesday about my work with the missionary project I've currently working on. I have been researching and writing about sister missionaries until I'm blue in the face. Sad to say, I've grown a little bored with the project. There is not as much passion there as there was during my love affair with ensign peak. But, after meeting with said Associate Dean, my passion in the project was rekindled. I get to start interviewing sisters as part of my research. So if you know any sisters that served in the 70's or earlier, I am looking for them! So direct them to me, or to Interviewing people, and getting the chance to speak with them about their lives, and finding out their stories is one thing I absolutely love to do. Wish me luck!

Number 2:

one of my very favorite novels is being released in theaters early next year. and i can hardly wait.

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