Sunday, October 17, 2010

I < 3Utah

Utah is more cool than people give it credit for. Really.

Example: Forkfest.

What is Forkfest you ask? A good time with a bunch of forks? Not really.

The only way I know how to describe Forkfest is that it's like Woodstock. Only it's in Utah, so there's less drugies.

There were two main stages that bands would switch between, and then a smaller acoustic stage as well.

We talked with Spencer Russell again. I LOVE HIM. We've already been creeper fans before and gotten his picture. But this time, we really got to chat. And. IT. WAS. AWESOME. PERIOD.

Mudbison... My favorite

Parlor Hawk... My new favorite
Friday night was just as cool. We went to Julia's cousin's art show in Salt Lake. I stood there with my juice in one hand, gourmet cheese in the other, examining all the the modern art pieces. I felt beyond cool.

Utah should really be given more credit I think. I never went to any of this stuff in California. And even if it was around, it usually wasn't free.

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