Thursday, July 22, 2010

I cannot focus to save my life

I'm this close to being done with the paper... THIS CLOSE! but alas. I cannot bring myself to focus at all!

Yesterday evening felt like one of those times when about 35 people are trying to get a hold of you and you're trying to do five things at once. Everything eventually was squared away, but I lost my wallet.... It was horrible! My wallet has EVERYTHING in it. Including the department card so that I can copy/ print things out in the library. How was I to work? Amidst sobbing(not really), prayers, and searching, I finally just decided to go to bed and to call Zupa's(the last place I remembered having it) in the morning. And lo and behold! It was there! Some good samaritan had turned it in! Was I ever thankful.

In other news:
Russ and I went to Gen X. Yes, I know it looks like an absolutely ridiculous store. And it is. But boy did we ever find the jackpot! We got several t-shirts to decorate for only a few bucks! I even got a 5XL to sleep in. We bought spray paint. And here, I am pleased to say, is a picture of our first attempt:

I for one, am very pleased with the results. I made the stencil, and Russ spray painted it. More will be forthcoming!!!

And now. back to the paper.

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