Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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my senior year of high school, i had the amazing experience to go down to mexico and volunteer at an orphanage. the trip was all payed for by donations from the community. i think the most poigiant part of the whole experience is that we went down there expecting to better the lives of the orphans through the work we were doing, but instead they bettered ours.
this is lucy. she was about one when i was there. her face is damaged from when her mother grabbed her by the ankles and smashed her face against the wall. but i don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful smile. there are dozens of other kids with stories just like lucy at the orphanage; full of pain and heartache. and yet, they've been able to build their own home full of hope. the orphans care for and love each other just as well as any other conventional families i know.
my highschool still continues to choose students to volunteer there every year. right now, they're trying to win a grant from raley's to complete more projects at the orphanage. and all you have to do is register, and vote. it's only a few mouse clicks! please help. just click the link. it would mean so much to me! thanks!

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