Monday, March 8, 2010

Written more than a year ago, and still true.

1. I used to be an extremely shy person. I don't think i spoke a word to anyone out side my family until i was five.
2. I might be the only perosn left on the planet that doesn't own an ipod and has absolutely no desire to. i refuse to conform!
3. I have this dream to be on the Amazing Race one day. Not only would i get to travel around the world for free, but i would make great television.
4. Sometimes i speak in accents or different voices. When i was in highschool, i did this so much one summer that i forgot how to talk in a normal voice. that was the summer of napoleon dynamite.
5. I eat cheese... ALOT. i think it's cuz i'm swiss.
6. The real reason i died my hair blonde was because of the twilight movie....
7. Secretly, i want to be a cast member on SNL.
8. I live in my sweats. come over after i'm done going places for the day and i will be wearing my sweats that i bought in the man section at target.
9. i think that guys that wear pea coats are hot.... thus the james dean poster in my room
10. I've watched the last scene of north and south at least 15 times. at least.
11. I have extemely vivid dreams that make it hard to sleep at night. the other night i dreamt that the kids at my old job made shivs and were stabbing me in my kidneys with them.
12. I'm one of the most clumsey people you'll ever meet. i gave my self a concussion once hitting my head on our apartment's chastity door.
13. I've recently developed the habit of becoming a complusive liar. i've never had a concussion in my life.
14. i've tried to make wearing pearls my trademark. i don't think it's been working so far.
15. Here's something that's not a lie but no one believes me about: i went to mexico and fed orphans beans and rice (read in spanish accent).
16. I sleep with a fan on every night.... which made me sick last winter, but i had no other choice. my roomie snored like a three hundred pound man.
17. I made a blog this semester. the only person who reads it is keva. but then again, she's the only person i gave the url to.
18. i love dancing. dance parties. dance music. and i like to battle people.
19. i get obsesed with things and i won't leave my room for weeks. last year it was lost and twilight.
20. i don't have a favorite color. i tell every one it's byu blue. but that's a lie. i really don't care.
21. i am a fickle fickle woman.
22. I've kept a steady journal since i was 12. they are hilarious
23. stephanie meyer stole my dream of being a stay at home mormon mom who writes a best selling novel. curse you stephanie! curse you!
24. the only real pets i've ever had have all been killed by my brothers... those feinds.
25. Whenever i eat a sandwhich, i always eat the crust first. always.

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