Saturday, February 20, 2010

Regarding my eye

Like I mentioned in my last post, my eye has been hurting for a couple of days. So I made my way over to the BYU health clinic. And they proved themselves to be just as worthless as usual.
The doctor put dye in my eye, looked at it with a black light, pulled my eye lid back and found nothing! After patching me up with gauze and tape all over my eye, she told me to come back in later that afternoon to see the eye doctor.
It was pretty interesting walking around campus with an eye patch. People stared. I felt humiliated. And I wasn't even sure if the eye patch actually did anything except throw my peripheral vision and balance off.
I walked alll the way back to the Health Clinic at 1:45 for my appointment with the eye doctor. I waited and waited. The nurse gave me an eye exam in the mean time. Which thoroughly freaked me out because I've always had perfect vision. And I couldn't read some of the lines with my left eye. It was all blurry. The optometrist never showed up. So I was left to find some way to get all the way to Orem where I'd have to pay a $25 co-pay to see another doctor, or wait until March 5th when the eye doctor would show up again. Thanks BYU.
Luckily my mom called around, and I was able to get into an optometrist that is covered by my California insurance. This doctor did all the same tests they did at the health clinic. And found out what was wrong!!!
I guess something got into my eye, caused an allergic reaction under my eye lid, and scratched my cornea. It should feel better in a couple of days. I just have to put eye drops in about five times a day.
I definitely appreciate my vision a lot more now.

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