Monday, November 23, 2009

Leopold Museum

There is an Edvard Munch exhibt at the Leopold Museum, which I visited last week with Megan. Of course, everyone knows about his famous Scream paintings. And I've always seen them and thought they were disturbing. But that does not compare to seeing them in real life. It's almost a horrifying feeling you have when you see them. The museum is HUGE. And it was well worth it to see everything. But I thought it was really interesting that how the museum presented the pieces affected the way that the viewer feels about them. The exhibit focused on the sub-concious. So when the subject matter of the paintings dealt with the darker things of the mind, the rooms were darker. The walls were dimmed and only focused on the art work. The walls were painted in dark colors. I don't think some of those paintings would have creeped me out as much if they were in a well lit room. Even though I didn't particulary like any of the art there, I still left with an appreciation of how Expressionism can move the viewer.

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