Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For art class, we got to tour Belvedere palace. Which was Prince Eugene's summer palace, but lately, an art museum.
I love touring art museums with Professor Kröll! He knows so much! At the end of his lectures, everything about what you've seen just fits all so perfectly together. That day we talked about Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. In one room, I got to see Monet, Manet, Van Gogh. And then I turned around and saw an actual Rodin sculpture and I almost cried! Rodin is my absolute favorite sculpture. I'm developing a new appreciation for Impressionists in this class. The main objective of their work is to capture what light can do. And the fact that Rodin can do this in his sculptures is amazing.

Also, we compared the work of three different artists. Waldmüller, Gerard, und Schiele. Gerard was a Classicist painter. Waldmüller was a Biedermeyer artist. He painted sences from everyday life. And Schiele was an Expressionist. Kröll said that if he were given a choice on which painting to hang in his house, it would be the Schiele. Why? Because of the emotion behind it. What the message of the painting is expressing makes it worth more. It has a story. Schiele painted his own family's portrait while he was sick with the Spanish flu, and after his wife and unborn child had died from the same sickness. Yes, maybe it's harder to look at. But you can really see and feel the dispair in his painting. The meaning behind it is so much more than a garden party scence, or a disconnected family portrait. So, I think that I would have to agree with Professor Kröll and pick the Schiele.

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