Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have Fun Stormin the Castle!

Counts are pretty cool.

Especially when they restore castles and open them to the public for touring.

Yesterday I learned a ton about knights. But not the ones who say ni. That lesson will be saved for a later date.

So we took a train out of Vienna into the country, which is always good because we can get away from the smoke and finally breathe. Being in the country makes Europe feel more real. Like all of the fairy tales and legends could actually be true.

We hiked a while to get to the castle. The weather was perfect. And there were lamp posts in one spot on the trail, which gave it a hint of Narnia.

We ate lunch at a little resturant next to the castle. I had a quintessential Austrian meal. Wurst, Roesti, und Red Cabbage. DEEEELICOUS!

And then we toured the castle. The count who restored the castle pulled pieces from different places around the world to give the current castle more authenticity. There were wrought iron gates from Venice, windows from Switzerland, you know, just the usual ;0)

I think my favorite part was the knight room. We saw cross bows, and two handed swords, and suits of armour! Helmuts from the crusades! It was really cool. Pictures will be on facebook. Hoffenlich.

But the COOLEST part of all: they film movies there. Nicohals Cage just got done doing a film called season of the witch... (ok, not sooo cool) BUT on Saturday, guess who will be arriving?!

Kiefer Sutherland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that's right folks, Jack Bauer himself will be gracing dear Kreuzenstein with his presence. Please, contain yourselves.

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